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Communication with our customers is of particular concern to us: we not only ensure the best technical repair of your spindles, but also lay the foundation for optimal results with our detailed technical consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What is the basis for KERN’s advice?

Over 25 years of personal experience with spindles and experienced failure analysis.

Markus Kern CEO

I would be happy to answer your questions directly on the phone! 

Markus Kern
CEO +49 (0) 7475 / 95100

Flexible spindle consulting at KERN

30 years and a core competency

We have been concentrating on a single competence for almost 30 years: to repair grinding, turning and milling spindles of all kinds and makes the best way possible for our customers and to advise them sustainably on all issues concerning spindles. We always ask the same question: why has the spindle failed and what can we do to best prevent future failures? We react accordingly, implementing repair measures on the spindle and, at the same time, looking out for possible failure reasons in the spindle environment – the machine. Our aim is to put your production plants and machines on more reliable pillars.

Spindle expert advice by telephone or on-site

We take all our cues from you: we can provide spindle expert advice at any time by telephone or on site. The proximity creates clear advantages: our employees can analyze your spindle systems on the machine and, if possible, fix the problem directly. In addition, you can also send your spindle to the KERN office for free analysis and subsequent repair.

On-site benefits for you

Our on-site service provides advice regarding the condition of the spindles and provides information about correct handling during operation. In addition, our experts will give you extensive advice on what you should be aware of when installing and dismantling the spindle, as well as during operation, in order to prevent premature outages.

Our on-site service includes the following services:

  • Vibration minimization/vibration analysis:
  • Checking the condition of the bearing/BCU
  • Test of the concentricity
  • Testing of the clamping force
  • Leak test clamping system/IKZ
  • Mobile fine balancing of your spindle

Recurring spindle failures? Together, we will bring light into the dark.

Managing Director Markus Kern’s long personal experience with spindles plays a major role in the failure analysis and consulting we provide for our customers. In our analysis of the failure of the spindle, we deal intensively with the spindle environment because the cause of failure does not always have to be in the spindle itself; it can be due to many factors in the machine environment. Small changes of different parameters can move worlds.

In almost 20 years of company history, we have developed unique solution concepts that have significantly increased the productivity of our customers and enabled cost savings of millions of dollars.


Good for business

Spindle consulting is worthwhile

We consider long-term, in-depth customer relationships to be of the utmost importance. Thanks to the close, long-term contact with our customers, our understanding of their spindle and machine requirements is constantly improving over time, and we are thus able to provide them with advice and support. Our spindle consulting is the core of these relationships.

With many of our customers, we work together as a team and offer them:

  • Intensive support throughout the entire cooperation
  • Detailed and accurate cost statements based on well-founded prior knowledge
  • Fast response times even in case of short-term inquiries

With comprehensive advice and intelligent technologies, KERN gets your machine moving.


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