Schlote/Weiss spindle repair 

Large Weiss 175485 HSK-100 motor spindle repair, completed within 4 days

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Our mission

We are always delighted when our customers are satisfied, but even more so if we have been able to solve an extensive problem and offer the customer very high added value. In this case we completely repaired a large Weiss 175485 HSK-100 motor spindle within only four days. Without our highly efficient team and without flexible and well-organized top suppliers, it would not have been possible. The HSK interface was completely refurbished, recoated and ground, the clamping system was made like new by means of a complete overhaul and the rotating union as well as the encoder were replaced with new parts. We used our modern test stand to balance and test the spindle.

Customer benefits

The customer was able to cut high costs thanks to our fast response. As a result of the high precision of the spindle and the minimal vibration, the customer is able to process surfaces with high precision. Thanks to the latest balancing technology and special assembly technology, the spindle now has an optimized service life, which means long-term cost savings. 

Raphael Steeb
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