Repair of more than 20 Kessler motor spindles for Aircraft Philipp

Complete repair and extensive optimization and modification of Kessler DMS 112.40.4.FFB/S 18.000 HSK 63 Kessler SMS 090.20.4.FOS (BA 03) Kessler DMS 132.60.4.FOS Kessler DMU 80 U (Duo Block)

In the course of 2 years we have received more than 20 Kessler DSM 112 and DMS 132 motor spindles for repair. The customer has been experiencing major problems with spindle failures over the last years. Almost all of the motor spindles had vibration problems, were leaking and had only been sparsely refurbished in the past.

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Our mission

In cooperation with one of Europe's leading vibration experts, we have made certain tolerances smaller and achieved a vibration value of less than 0.3 mm/s through state-of-the-art fine balancing. The HSK mount was completely refurbished and ground so that the spindle itself runs to an accuracy of 1 µ at the front of a 340 mm mandrel. By means of an innovative coating process we have ceramic-coated the bearing seats in order to achieve an even better service life.

Customer benefit

Reduction of spindle failure rate by half within 2 years.

Through continuous optimization and close cooperation with our customer, we were able to halve the failure rate within 2 years. Thus the customer now has a lasting high cost saving, as well as a production which can produce undisturbed by spindle failures.


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