Hüller Hille spindle repair for ZF Friedrichshafen

Repair and optimization of a Hüller Hille spindle tube (spindle) NBH 170 - HSK 100

30% cost saving compared to the purchase of a new or exchange spindle

With this Hüller Hille spindle we noticed a severe bearing damage due to a spindle crash. Due to our certified quality management, every spindle repair is carried out according to the most precise guidelines. After the external visual inspection, the incoming test and the disassembly, we clean all parts with our DÜRR cleaning system with 1 µ-filtering. With the associated reconditioning, each spindle part reaches the level of a newly manufactured part. Measuring, reconditioning, balancing and testing are also key aspects of our KERN expertise. The bearing seats of shaft and housing are measured by us under temperature-constant conditions with regard to dimensions, roundness and cylinder shape. In addition to the replacement of the bearings, the HSK 100 tool holder and the flat system were laser welded and then pre-ground. Due to the optimal preload of the bearings, the spindle achieves an even better performance. The HSK mounting was not finished until after the spindle had been mounted. In this way, the perfect concentricity of well under 1 µ is achieved on the front of a 340 mm test mandrel. On our Siemens test stand we finely balanced the Hüller Hille NBH 170 spindle. On our modern Siemens test stand we can check and monitor all spindle values. Thanks to special test and cooling housings, we are also able to test every spindle under original and real conditions. The bearing temperature, bearing condition and vibration are checked and measured on the test stand during the entire running-in process. After the 1-2-day test run, we finally tested all values such as concentricity, as well as all mechanical and electrical components of the Hüller Hille spindle. The customer receives a comprehensive test report from us, as well as photo and, if desired, video documentation. The function of the spindle is therefore absolutely as good as new. However with a cost saving of 30% compared to the purchase of a new or exchange spindle.

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