GMN Spindle repair for Fritz Studer AG

Lower failure rate due to highest know-how

Repair and upgrade of a GMN TSE 170c-7.500/10,5 grinding spindle for Fritz Studer AG

Fritz Studer AG is one of the leading plant manufacturers of high-quality grinding machines. In order for the machine to develop its full performance potential, it requires a high-precision spindle with perfect concentricity and vibration values of less than 0.2 mm/s. The spindle must be able to operate at high speeds. Because the quality of the grinding work depends not only but to a high extent on the precision of the grinding spindle.

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Our mission

During the repair of the GMN spindle we completely reconditioned the shaft. Due to the innovative coating process that we use, the bearing seats of the shaft are significantly more wear resistant, which has a positive effect on the operating hours of the spindle. To ensure that the grinding spindle remains stable even at high speeds and does not experience temperature problems, we have installed hybrid ceramic bearings with Cronidur steel at the rear. 


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